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Origin 9.12

Because it is the origin of the new layer for a simple application to download and play from Electronic Arts chair.

If you want digital copies of games instead of going to the store to order Electronic Arts, you will need to manage your programs and games that you need to initiate premium downloads and decripsie. Origin of the games, and lead to the installer; If this game requires the DRM (DigitalVox Agency) license, it also has origin

Then download games,This information with the day and the keeper to patches and updates your games so you will always be up to a day. It is worth noting that it can not run without Originally downloaded games that require the DRM system runs. Battlefield 3 PCs 2011 and released only in origin.

Because he is a download manager capable of origindato, even though it’s obviously limited EA games. The time will learn or compete.


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MEGASync 2.8

Cloud storage all the rage, but some victims have complicated access to the Internet and get you to download / upload manually to save your files. Enter MegaSync. Mega create a synchronization tool to synchronize files stored in the cloud for any number mestnyhustroystva.Vsichanges complete locally device then automatically downloaded and backed up in the cloud.

Filled with features!

MegaSync includes all the standard features that users ochekuvaatvo synchronization software based oblaka.Nam potribnapevna folder excludedout of sync? No problem. If you want to exclude certain file types synchronized? The tool has the opportunity. Just want to sync individual folders? Use a custom directory synchronization, James hotite.Meha cloud service, you can even synchronizefolders from other users, as long as you have given you permission to do so. Manage contacts and shared files, and allow common file through a web interface Mega. You can also instalirasinhronizacijainstrumentna multiple computers and keep all your devices updated with the latestchanges in the file. Mega provides capabilities to recover deleted files from the Trash is the web interface as well as options to view the status of each file synchronization sostoyaniya.Zhiznesposobnoedlya SMEs, mega cloud storage can be used toreplacement of expensive numbers of files on the server hardware.

rapid deployment

Installation is as simple as this: create a profile with cloud servisamiMega download tool, tool set, and then specify a folder MegaSync, you have to be synchronized with the cloud service Mega. Tooldo the rest. Options available through the icon that appears on the taskbar at the bottom of the program runs as sluzhbakotoryy starts when the computer vklyuchenyy.Informatsiya of registration is stored safely and announces the program for the Mega cloud service automatically,without the need for any user intervention. The interface itself, and most installation options screen units are easily privlekatelnymii zrozumity.Tse a tool that does the job easily and effectively gives you peace of mind.

reach the clouds

MegaSync understands that customers want to usecloud storage and makes it available prostym.Ispolzuya Mega Mega cloud accounts and free tool synchronization korystuvachimozhut download all your important files to the cloud for redundancy, ease of sharing and backup in the event of natural disasters.koristenjepostavuvanje sinhronizatsiyInstrument intuitive and the menu features many of the web interface, users have many options schobupravlyaty your files. Z oo Contacts Mega accounts, synchronization tool download them and start syncing files today!


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Adobe premier pro 7

Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro software is a revolutionary nonlinear video editing application that takes video and audio production to a whole new level.


Real-time editing

– Use a new experience for processing, real-time providing immediate feedback and allowsthat is changing with unprecedented speed.

Number of deadlines, I get

– Get more deadlines, nest to experiment more freely and more effectively manage complex projects.

Uvchciviro fight

Use kleurkorrigeringsgereedskapboja, saturation and adjust the lighting for accents, mediumtones and shadows; Replace the tape with one color choice; And more.

Improved audio editing

– Product richer, live audio using sample-level editing, VST filters, track-based effects and surround sound.

Customizable keyboard shortcuts

– Customize keyboard shortcuts to fityour decorating style. Use default presets, leverage standard shortcuts, or greueich themselves. Featuring a collection of personal štetusa colleagues.

scalable platform means

– working closely with other software tools and hardware within the video: Premiere Pro supports the latest industry standards, includingOHCI, ASIO, AAF, and VST.

standard definition / high definition support

– Change the entry, and deliver HD or SD productions with the certified OEM hardware with Adobe Premiere Pro. Encoding HD Windows Mediate includes Adobe Media 9 Series using the built mevnEncoder.

Adobe unprecedented integration

-EnjoyThe unsurpassed integration with Adobe jougunsteling applications, including Adobe After Effectsr, Adobe Encore DVD, and Adobe Photoshop software.

Third party hardware support

– Enjoy extensive hardware support and an open architecture that let you work with everything from impressivelist DVCAM speed to the last video games and cameras on third-party hardware, including SD and HD board.

Windows XP speed advantage

– Take the number oprosesvir, multithreading tehnologijuviši, and support Hiperthreading Windows XP systems based on the Pentium jongsteIntel.

comprehensiveSupport video format

– Import and works with MPEG-1, MPEG-2, DV, AVI, Windows Media 9 Series, and QuickTime format.

Comprehensive audio format support

– Import and work with WAV, WMA, MP3, AIFF, and audio as a WMV and Quicktime format.

Support for leading video media

– Production of video and audio for the Medialeading delivery: broadcast formats, DV, DVD, CD VCDSVCD, Web. Output AAF files for sharing with other professional editing systems.

Still image files and support drive

– Work with AI, AI sequence, PSD, PSD sequence, JPEG, TGA, TGA series, TIFF, TIFF sequence, PCKS, BMP and BMP files respectively.

Directlyon DVD

– Adobe Premiere Pro export projects directly to DVD for distribution of high-quality MPEG-2 content.


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UTorrent Pro 3

Quid Pro Quo DVDRip Crack uTorrent build (42) 449 Stable Multilanguage

Of him, and the valleys of Lima there are few who facilitate the participation of over the Internet dedicated to the use of file transfer. It is known, which has the nature of this so in greatness among the uTorrent BitTorrent his colleagues.

The installation and simple, GUI-supported

This tool comes with many advantages and easy to use. So I do not for a long time, manner of life, the third part of you, even those you can not change thesetting of achtenDie software.

UTorrent will saluteand with a very simple interface gives you quick access to the major functions. Thus, it could be able Downloads to start new ones, they warned them not to delete or manage the files you downloaded from the sum already the window.

Subscribe to the RSS feed, to put the question of the borders of the main window adjustVolo

Through the application of findenZum strong you can quickly download a new search is being built. Another great feature is the uTorrentRSS is the ability to download the file that allows users to choose to subscribe for automatic feeding.

But Scheduler uTorrentand he came with configurable, multi-language, and the speed of the support, so that you can, in every corner of the world.

Download and run on the PC is dead?

But perhaps the most important thing is how is it possible uTorrent verlangsamenUnten Windows without downloads. They ascribe to us, we found the office where it is proven, properly speaking, was the least of the system resources.

Butif you do not give Notandumsicut convinced uTorrent will also be satisfied with the selected download away from the computer. This is not to give thanks to the, user to pause a job career,when activity is detected.


All in all, it is safe to say that there is a great player in the category uTorrent, mitMillionen of the Light, so that users worldwide. A feature for the whole package, since there is no system integration was seamless, and great usability, that is, I use a software, that is the keeperof the torrents to share the files.


Multiple simultaneous downloads

But Configurable Scheduler

Global and the speed limit,

Quick-resumes interrupted transfers

RSS Download

Boss Key password protected

Run-Globalthe completion of the mandate of the office into the river / stateChange

UDP proxy for SOCKS5

It features Privacy

Better download Set room / office relocation (now moves filesad you)

Add alternately to the torrent Magnet link

No Torrents holds good, when it is, behold, it was in the computeruser


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PhotoFiltre Studio 7

PhotoFiltre is an image editor that makes a free alternative to Photoshop for great light users who want something simpler and easier to use.


PhotoFiltre is a relatively small application and unlike Photoshop, will install and launch very quickly. interface sy’nei filled with all the features and options can be confusing at first, but will soon become used to it. On the right side contains the shape and drawing tool and optimierbarFarbpalette. On the top bar has all the optionsimage editing and adaptation is essential. leaves PhotoFiltreYn Unfortunately, customize the interface and select your favorite tools.


Of all the pictures of special equipment adapted use brziKontrast / color and saturation buttons because you can try to correct the effects and image instantly and easily if you are not satisfied with their quality. If you have chiymddiriedaeth PhotoFiltre can also modify these parameters SieLassen automatically.

Like any requirements for image editing confident PhotoFiltre includes filtersmost commonly used to transform your image, or if they truly significant promenetreba, you will find yourself limited. on top hynnyPhotoFiltre includes Unlike Photoshop has no levels, so it is harder to work separately on different elements of the image.

As well as excellent Free Image Viewer Irfanviev, PhotoFiltreDeckt most formats and can batch process and convert images rapidly. PhotoFiltre has five different zoom option, but there seems to be more or lessslično.Lupu probably less accurate than the percentage drop area and automatically adjust the image to fit the size of the zoom window to PhotoFiltre.

Photo Explorer is located on the bottom of the screen, and if you install it as an image file, you can find fast delweddauansehen.Allerdings when you work with files more images, it can be confusing quickly as you have a date wooden window closes to make time to look for your photos ekplorersvaki.

PhotoFiltre includesall essential tools and options to edit and optimize images.


Solving Problemaubellach include local ini